“A Rich Blend” of the Greatest Piano Classics

Performer: Pianist, Christopher Tavernier

Saturday ▪ January 14th ▪ 4:00pm

Program Highlights 

You will taste the fine rich mixture of the greatest

solo piano masterpieces of all time.  They are blended into an assortment

of the richest flavors and tastes that you will remember for a lifetime.

You will also experience firsthand the revolutionary pianism

created by these great composers and witness

some of the most stunning and beautiful technical achievements.


Experience the genius that gave the world such great masterpieces,

adorning each age from the Baroque to the Romantic period.


And for the final blend…

Modernism blended into an aroma of radiant musical tastes and flavors.

“Cappuccino” A Rich Blend of Clarinet & Piano

Performers: Clarinet, Matthew Hanna & Pianist, Christopher Tavernier

Sunday ▪ January 15th ▪ 4:00pm

Program Highlights

 A “Rich Swiss Blend” of Clarinet & Piano

You will experience the fine rich mixture of clarinet and piano

playing separately and together in some of the greatest solo and duo works ever written.

We have created an assortment of the richest tastes,

flavors and aromas that you will remember for a lifetime!


 And for the very special finale…

A “Rich Swiss blend” from Francis Poulenc - You will savor the taste of one of the greatest

works ever written for these two instruments, Poulenc's Sonata for Clarinet and Piano.

“New Orleans Baroque”

With a Modern Swing of Elegant Jazz

Performers: Flute, Rita Hayes – Piano, Karen Sams

Double Bass, Keith Freeburg – Drums, Morgen Cobb

Friday ▪ January 27th ▪ 7:00pm

Claude Bolling's Suite No. 2 for Flute and Jazz Trio

offers a heady mix of jazzy and classic tunes turned to perfection

by the New Orleans Baroque Quartet.

The great American idiom of Jazz, combined with the

French sensibilities of pianist/composer Claude Bolling, has resulted

in a most delicious feast!

Claude Bolling, adept in both classical and jazz styles,

created the best-selling cross-genre record of the 20th century

with his Suite No. 1 for Flute & Jazz Trio.

He then set out to top his accomplishment with Suite No. 2,

and he succeeded brilliantly.

In these eight pieces, the variety, moods and flavors are astonishing,

and the final piece is climactic beyond belief.

These four top-notch performers are all equally adept

in the classical and jazz styles, and their playing combines

both icy technical precision and fiery jazz swing.

Revitalize yourself with New Orleans Baroque!




Show Times!  7:30 Evening Performances and Matinees are at 2

2nd Annual Benefit Concert Series