Show dates August 25, 26, 27, & September 1, 2, 3
           Audition Dates: April 17, 18 at 7 PM in the second stage theatre.

A. Summary Description of the Show

 Scene: a 1920s Chicago speakeasy during Prohibition with music of that period. A nightclub variety show with individual "acts"….solos, duets, comedy turns, dance numbers, and some audience participation, all linked by Masters of Ceremonies. Musical accompaniment: piano and banjo. Microphones will be used, with stage lighting, in the small theater. 1920s costumes. The audience will be seated at small tables, café style, as will some of the performers. Al Capone and his "floozie", accompanied by machinegun-carrying goons, will enter as customers, as will Elliot Ness. Cast of singers, dancers and actors required, flexible number. Less rehearsal time required than for a standard musical because this is a "variety" show with individual acts. Apart from featured "actors", no dialogue to memorize. A storyline and informal script will be created based on the nature and talents of the cast.

B. Cast descriptions

M/F singers – solos / ensemble/ comic numbers, approx. 15

Female dancers 4 – 6

Actors: 4-5 male: Al Capone, Gunmen, Eliot Ness, Deputy, possibly Mayor/Sheriff

Comic actor M/F:  Scottish or Irish drunk

C. Auditions for Singers

1. Select one from five listed below for which sheet music is available on request from the Directors:

Vocal range:
Makin' Whoopee                     D to F
Don't Bring Lulu                    Middle C to D
Yes Sir That's My Baby          E♭ to E♭
The Charleston                        D to E♭
I Wanna Be Loved By You     Low A to C ♯
2. Select own piece from 1920s.

3. Music style:  vaudeville – pop – comic - classic (Broadway shows, operetta, e.g. Showboat, Desert Song, Student Prince…)

4. Inform Directors of your audition piece no later than two weeks in advance of your audition. If it's your own selection, send us a sheet music copy asap. A pianist will accompany you at the audition.

5. Style: We are looking for an energetic, showbizzy presentation appropriate for a Speakeasy Stage

D. Auditions for Dancers

Contact the Directors for details (Choreographer is Linda Runion ( 

E. Auditions for Actors
Ad lib, in an exchange with the MCs, based on a script spoken either by Bryan Byrd or Lyn Morton (the MCs). Free wheel, a chance to let your imagination loose, your responses need not be tied to the script. Scripts available from Directors on request.

 F. Contacts for Show (Directors)
Please send your applications/questions/requests for music/scripts directly to us, preferably by email:

Linda BEAUMONT, tel. 828 290 4181, email:
Ed GIBSON, tel. 828 290 4181, email:
Mailing address:
502 Riverwind Drive
Hendersonville, NC-28739