Based on the essay written by David Sedaris, this semi-autobiographical work shares Sedaris’ experience working for a season at Macy’s as a “Santa’s Helper” elf.

Jun. 30 - July 9
Playwright/ Director: Jeff Messer


Aug. 25 - Sept. 3
​Edwin Gibson & Linda Beaumont

This eloquent, enthralling and ultimately shatteringly tragic play explores the final hour in the life of a young woman who decided that life is no longer worth living.

Dec 1 - 10

​Director: Jenny Lee
​Starring: Bob Reece

This variety show combines individual “acts”; solos, duets, comedy turns, dance numbers, and audience participation. Featuring classic songs.

Jun. 2 - 11
Co- Directors: Jonathan Forrester & Molly Carlin-Folk

The Santaland Diaries

'Night, Mother

24 hours before his wedding, Joe’s ex reappears, shedding light on their past. He deliberates between life with his fiancé and regaining what was lost

2017 HCT Second Stage

Inspired by a real WWII event, this play fictionalizes the meeting of Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg and the heated words and profound ideas they exchanged

Significant Other

The Roaring 20's

Mar. 17-26
Director: Bob Reece

Hendersonville Community Theatre • 229 S. Washington Street, Hendersonville, NC 28792 • (828) 692-1082