Chiffon -- Molly Carlin-Folk 

  Crystal --  Shari  Azar 

  Ronnette--  Layne Long 

  Mushnik --   Bob Reece

  Audrey --  Candice Owen
  Seymour-- Andy Thompson 

  Orin--   Tate Albert 

  Audrey II -voice--   Sam Teague 

  Audrey ii -manipulator --   Brandon Gash 

  Winos --   Brandon  Gash & Kathy O’Connor 

  Street Urchins --  Kaitlin Jencks, Amy Mayer, Kris Saucedo 

  Motorcycle --  Kaitlin  Jencks, Amy Mayer 

  Interviewer --  Kathy  O’Connor 

  Bernstein, Snip, Luce --  Kathy  O’Connor

The Little Shop of Horrors

A Musical Comedy by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman; book by Howard Ashman

Singing/Dancing Workshop: May 18 & 19

Audition Dates: June 2 & 3

Show Dates: August 15-17. 20-24, 27-31, 2014

Director: Heather Denton

What do you get when you add up an unlikely romantic duo, a sadistic dentist, a troupe of doo-wop girls, and a huge man-eating plant named Audrey 2? The campy-classic musical The Little Shop of Horrors, that’s what! An absolutely hilarious crowd-pleaser that will have you dancing away singing!.

Show Closed August 31